The best word to describe this Island is Magical, you will be amaze how magical this Island for having its wonderful small and big Lagoons in Bacuit Bay, marble cliffs, white sands and different unique small Islands.   Bluer than Blue… One of the best activity  in El Nido that you can enjoy is  Island Hopping you can choose or have an options what kind of Tours you want to experience.   

Tour A- Covers Miniloc Island and Simisu Island.

Tour B- Covers Lagen Island, Snake Island and Southern Part of Bacuit Bay.

Tour C-Covers the Matinloc Island and Tapiutan Island.  Kayaking in lagoons… 

TourA and Tour C are the most
best recommended tours since it’s the tours that let you access the lagoons and do kayaking and snorkeling.   You’ll be surprise when you learn that you can enjoy eating your favorite nestle ice cream while enjoying the island hopping, after kayaking, or after island buffet lunch.   (Parking is more fun in El Nido Palawan)The best month to travel in El Nido is every December to March where the weather is just right.  
Things to consider when travelling in El Nido Palawan,  take note that there is no ATM Machine in El Nido, travel to El Nido from Puerto Princesa International Airport takes 6-7 hours  land travel and the best way to have a hassle free travel is to book it with a travel agency. Riveoe Travel Corporation is one of the travel agency based in Manila Philippines that willhelpyou arrange a hassle free travel on this Island from booking a flight, accommodation, airport transfer and tours. 
For any El Nido Palawan inquiry you can contact Riveoe Travel Corporation at inquiry@riveoetravel.com / http://www.riveoetravel.com  /facebook page link  below: 



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