When in doubt, Travel

Trek to Baler’s Light-house

It must be a wrong timing to climb the famous Baler Lighthouse -that was June, when the rainy season normally starts in the Philippines.

A day before our visit, it actually rained all day. Still we decided to go despite the sloppy and rocky terrain ahead of us. I tell you, it was very steep too! I really had a hard time during the trek as I am not really used to trekking. I had to be careful in every step keeping in mind that the soil is too mushy and I might slip anytime (which I am really prone to) and I also had to be careful on where to hold on to. ( with where, I mean bunch of grass strongly planted on the ground)

It was noon time then. There was no sign that a rain would fall. The sky was clear and I saw how the clouds kiss the mountains. The sun shone above us. It should have been wonderful but it was terribly hot.

With less than an hour of climb, we finally reached the Light-house. Yeah, the Light-house. First thing we did? No, no. Not selfie. Rather, we find shed and slouched ourselves against the wall. We’re too tired and exhausted! Too tired that I can feel how my heartbeat pounds so loud and fast. I thought my knees were shaking too.

After regaining  the strength, we all stood up and started to climb the Light-house. Goodness! I mean Goodness! The view on top was breath taking indeed. I could only shook my head in awe. (I was open-mouthed too,I reckon)
I can feel the warm breeze touching my face, I felt relaxed. It was amazing to stare at the vast blue ocean that surrounds us. It was all worth-it.  

It must be a wrong timing to visit the famous Baler Lighthouse -that was June, when the rainy season actually starts in the Philippines. But that what makes our trekking adventure even more exciting and.. rewarding.

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