A trip to Siem Reap Cambodia…

Riveoe Travel Takes you to Siem Reap Cambodia

MsKuting Trips

Seeing the  Angkor  Wat temple  is always my dream.. Last May of 2015 my bestie and I decided to explore the rich culture of beautiful Siem Reap…


On this blog I shall feature things I loveabout Cambodia:

1. Khmer prononce as  kə-ˈmer is refer to be the people living in Cambodia. During my visit I found that Khmer people are hospitable and kind.. I remember our guide Mr. Heuang, he was very polite and very protective to us.

2. Monk –  I think visiting Angkor temple without seeing a monk will not complete our visit.  As per our guide some young children chose to be a monk to study for free about Buddhism (some are no parents already) . 

3. Artist- As I visit different temple I found young artist practising their art . In Siem Reap  their is Artisan Angkor  it is a business located in the City near…

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